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silkworm book
Ages: Adult
114 Pages, Paperback

Silkworms/Bombyx Mori Explained,
from Silkworm Eggs to Silk
, by Elliott Lang,
Here is everything you need to know about the Silkworm and how to make silk at home. Facts and information, types of Bombyx mori, raising, housing, care, food, common problems, estimated costs and where to buy are all included. This book is written in an easy to read and understandable style.

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Life Cycle of a Silkworms
Ages 4-8
32 Pages, Paperback
El Ciclo De Vida - El Gusano De Seda
(Life Cycle of s Silkworm - Spanish Edition)
by Ron Fridell and Patricia Walsh,
This is the spanish version of Life Cycle of a Silkworms. It presents an in-depth look at the life cycle of the silkworm with stages explained through simple text and stunning photography. An illustrated timeline charts the stages of development of the silkworm.

Do silkworms drink water? How do silkworms grow? What is the only food silkworms eat? Read Life Cycle of a Silkworm and answers these questions and more. The books in the "Life Cycle of a..." series take a detailed look at the life cycles of some familiar plants and animals.

This book contains:
  • Big colorful photographs
  • A timeline on each spread
  • A fact file
  • A glossary that explains difficult words

  • Silkworms, by Sylvia Johnson,
    is excellent for children and adults alike, providing a wealth of knowledge about silkworms. It has excellent photos with well written text which describe how silkworms are raised for the silk threads the silkworm uses to make its cocoon. This book is an introduction to the domesticated silkworm moth, raised on farms in Japan and elsewhere for the sake of the silk thread out of which its cocoons are constructed.

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    Silkworm Book

    Ages 9 & Up
    48 Pages, Paperback

    Project Mulberry by Linda Sue Park
    This is another excellent fictional book with a silkworm theme. This book is the Winner of the 2005 Chicago Tribune Young Adult Fiction Prize and a New York Public Library 2005 Best Book.

    Julia Song and her friend Patrick would love to win a blue ribbon, maybe even two, at the state fair. They've always done projects together, and they work well as a team. This time, though, they're having trouble coming up with just the right plan. Then Julia's mother offers a suggestion: They can raise silkworms, as she did when she was a girl in Korea. Patrick thinks it's a great idea. Of course there are obstacles - for example, where will they get mulberry leaves, the only thing silkworms eat? Nothing they can't handle!

    Learn what happens in the charming story as Julie and Patrick learn not just about silkworms, but also about tolerance, prejudice, friendship, and patience.
    Ages 9 & Up
    240 Pages, Paperback

    project mulberry
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    Buy This Book Here

    The Empress and the Silkworm
    Ages 4 & Up
    32 Pages, Hardback
    The Empress and the Silkworm, by Lily Toy Hong,
    OUT OF PRINT - We have one new copy left

    This book tells the story of how silk was first discovered in China. This is a picture book, part fact and part fable with pretty drawings.

    Almost five thousand years ago, the young Chinese empress Si Ling-Chi was having tea in the garden. Suddenly - plop! -something small and round and white fell into her cup. It was a cocoon from a mulberry tree. In Si Ling-Chi's hot tea, the tightly wound cocoon started to unravel. She plucked it out and found it was made of a fine shimmering thread. With the help of a dream, the empress realized that these shining strands spun by tiny worms could be woven into a fabric almost magical in its beauty. But she had to convince her husband, the emperor, and his skeptical advisers that the work should be undertaken. At last, because of the vision and persistence of this young woman, the first silk cloth was made.
    Lily Toy Hong's lively telling of a Chinese legend is illustrated by pictures as rich and radiant as silk itself.

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