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How Did You Originally Hear About The Silkworm Shop?

If you clicked on our link from another website, please list the url or name of that website or search engine. If you came to our site from Google, do you know if you clicked on the regular search results or paid results (listed on the right side of the Google page)?

Would You Be Interested in Extra Large Silkworms (2''-3'')?

What Animal(s)
Do You Feed Our Products To?

How Long Have You Been Feeding Your Animal Silkworms?

Have You Noticed Any Difference in Your Animal(s) Since You Began Feeding Them Silkworms?
(eg: health, vigor,
weight gain, more egg laying)

If You Buy Silkworms,
Do You Prefer Them:

At the Maximum Size Specified
At the Minimum Size Specified
Larger Than the Specified Size
No Preference
I Don't Buy Silkworms

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Are There Any Products (whether living or non-living) That You Have a Hard Time Finding or That You Would Like to See Us Offer?
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How Could We Improve Our Product/Service?

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