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Flightless D. Hydei Fruitfly Larvae

D. Hydei Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae
  • D. Hydei Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae are 1/8'' - 1/4'' +
  • Each Container Includes 1.5 Ounces of
    Larvae Packed Culture Medium.
  • Simply Rinse Larvae Off and Serve As Needed.
    Variety is the Key to Your Animal's Health
  • An Excellent Feeder for small and newborn reptiles and amphibians, small and newborn mantellas, small spiders, salamanders, newts, rasboras, guppies, bettas, killifish, gourami, angelfish, barbs, tetras, cichlids, carnivorous plants, small and newborn mantids, most birds and many more!
  • This item is meant to be used right away or soon;
    It is not intended to grow adult flies from.
    Please see our fly cultures for the adult flies.

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fruitfly larvae closeup
Close-Up of Fruit Fly Larvae


flightless fruit fly Larvae

Flightless Fruitfly Larvae (1.5 ounces) Loaded with Juicy Larvae!

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We Also Carry Living Adult Flightless & Wingless Fruit Flies!

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