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Determining Worm Count
Occasionally, our silkworms may be less than the specified size range. In such cases, you will still receive the same amount of meat because the order is weighed out based on the standard of 1/2'' for small / mediums
and 1.5'' for large.

For example, you may order 100 large silkworms (1.5'' - 2''). But, on a rare occasion, we may only have 1'' worms available (less than the specified size range). In such a case, you will receive many more than 110 because the weight will still be the same and will be based on 1.5'' worms.

We will become sold out when large silkworm stock falls below 1''

If we only have worms in stock that are over the specified maximum size of 1/4'' for extra smalls, 1'' for medium and 2'' for large, we will then use the specified count, rather than weight. In such a case, the customer receives the best value because the weight of the order will be over the standard.

For example, if you ordered 100 large silkworms and we only have 2''+ worms available, you will still receive 110 2''+ worms.

If you cannot use silkworms that are over the specified size range, please mention this in the special notes section of the order form.